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While you're here we'd like to share with you part of the introduction of our Mother's epic poem called "The Legend of Bimi"

We know you'll love it!

"The Legend of Bimi"


There's a tale that begins in the sand hills
That I would like to tell,
Built from myth and many legends,
And my pen it does compel.

The desert's a hot, a hostile place,
Nothing's changed since time began,
There's a hazy unreality there
As if it, in the dreamtime was planned.

The noon of the day is so hot and still,
And over all an expectant hush,
Like a canvas that's waiting impatiently
For the touch of the artists brush.

The fire of the day can change swifly
To the night of startlingly cold,
Many legends are told of the people
Who live in this land so old.

Stella P. Bell

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