Inspirational Poetry
Inspirational Poems

Our mother wrote a lot of wonderful stories and a lot of amazing inspirational poetry and inspirational poems in her lifetime.

Sometimes it would be one of her short poems for adults and sometimes it would be short poems for kids, which as children we always enjoyed. She'd write for adults and kids.

Watching our mother write her poetry was something we always enjoyed as children. We would wait for her to finish so she could read it to us. Often it would be more than one piece of inspirational poetry she wrote or just one beautiful inspirational poem.

No matter whether it was just one poem or many pieces of her amazing poetry it was always wonderful to hear them read to us for the first time.

Below is a couple of samples of the wonderful short poems she wrote for us. These are just two of her many pieces of inspirational poetry that we will cover in this section

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Inspirational Poetry

Recipe For A Happy Day

Take a misty, golden sunbeam,

Add to it a soft cool breeze,

Then the perfumed skies of heaven,

And the fleecy clouds - enough to please,

Shake them all - for just one moment,

In a cup of crystal - clear

Pour them out - and you've a morning

Full of joy and love and cheer,

Around them put a wrapping

Of love and hope and care,

A gift for the one who has your heart,

Something you can really share.

Stella P. Bell

What a wonderful recipe that is! And definitely a beautiful example of inspirational poetry, as is the lovely short poem below.

I Give To You

I give to you

My thoughts, my care

For all of your days

May you think of me

As you go on your way

Rejoice in love, in life

Sharing with others

The love and compassion

You have within you

Do this with love

Understanding their needs

As well as you own

With this I give to you

My thoughts, my love.

Stella P. Bell

We hope you enjoyed those two short poems as much as we do and hope you continue to come back for more of her inspirational poetry and poems as we contine to build on the collection here.

Inspirationally Jumping for Joy

Discover more of our Mother's Inspirationl Poetry & Inspirationl Poems below.

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