Poem On Friendship

This poem on friendship means friendship isn't just a word, it's more than a word could be. It means so many different things and not always just what we see. It's not only a true friendship poem but a love and friendship poem.

Our Mother wrote a lot of individual poems for different friends over the years and a lot of those were about love and loss and also about joy and sorrow and kindness too.

I'm sure there are many of us who have experienced many of the same feelings that our Mother did and wished that we could express how we've felt over the years to certain people, whether that was about love or loss or heartbreak.

I do know that most of us would have experienced a friendship, at least once in our lives, that was like no other, I know I have!

I hope you can relate to this poem on friendship in the same or, at least, in a similar way to the way I do.

Poem On Friendship

True Friendship Poem

Friendship isn't just a word,

It's more than a word could be,

It means so many different things,

Not always what we see.

It means that one can give the care,

That is present, in the heart,

And giving for the love one bears,

Is the only way to start.

Acceptance for the way one is,

Without a thought of change,

Is just one part, a beginning,

The start of an endless range.

Delight in a friends company,

That really is a must,

And silence, with no need for words,

And then there should be trust.

It's never asking questions,

And never wanting to,

It's having faith whenever,

A friend has need of you.

It's sharing in the troubles,

In any kind of plight,

It's believing, and it's knowing,

That you're not alone to fight.

As well as love there's freedom,

To do the things you do,

It's never having to explain,

Why you would do it, too.

As much as they are taking,

And they will know the joy,

Of what friendship really is,

So honour, don't destroy.

It's quietness and it's solitude,

It's courage through and through,

It's triumph and disaster,

It's everything that's new.

It's something you cherish,

For each day you live,

Its tender bloom is fragile,

And those who know it give.

It's sharing and it's caring,

It's having lots of fun,

It's in a glance, it’s in a touch,

It's being just as one.

It means you have a fortune,

In your ever open heart,

This love you have in friendship,

Is yours, though you're apart.

And yet it's old, as time itself,

And though it's had some knocks,

It comes through with no scars at all,

It's solid, like the rocks.

Stella P. Bell


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