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Birds of Australia

I absolutely love Australian birds, especially the parrots; when we were kids I loved watching them flying around in the sky, they always looked like they were having so much fun. I would sit and watch them and daydream about being up there flying around with them.

Australia is home to many unique and beautiful birds. Some Australian birds are of the same species as you will find in Europe and America. Of the over 800 species we have, about 300 won't be found anywhere else in the world.

Arguably, we have the greatest collection of colourful parrots you will find anywhere. So we're going to cover some of our favourites here, and not surprisingly a lot of them will be parrots.



The Brolga is a member of the Crane family. Their numbers in NSW have been affected by land clearing but they are still widespread in the north of Australia. Read more about the Brolga

Budgerigar or Budgies


The Budgerigar is widespread in mainland Australia. Budgies are social birds that are normally found in small flocks. Read more about the Budegrigar

Black Palm Cockatoo

black palm cockatoo

The Black Palm Cockatoo is native to northern Queensland and New Guinea. Black Palm Cockatoos are monogamous and mate for life.Read more about the Black Palm Cockatoo

Galah or Galah Cockatoo


The Galah is found over most of the continent, including Tasmania. Galah's are one of the most common and widespread Australian birds. Read more about the Galah

Gang-gang Cockatoo

gang-gang cockatoo

The Gang-gang Cockatoo is a small, stocky cockatoo with broad wings and a short tail. Gang-gangs are affected by land clearing and the removal of mature trees. Read more about the Gang-gang Cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

major mitchel cockatoo

The Major Mitchell Cockatoo is found in all states of Australia except Tasmania. Major Mitchell's are usually found in pairs or in smaller groups. Read more about The Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

red tailed black cockatoo

The Red Tailed Black Cockatoo is widespread in the northern regions of Australia. Red Tailed Black Cockatoos can form large flocks when they find a lot of food.Read more about the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

sulphur-crested cockatoo

The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo is found in the north and east and in Tasmania. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo family groups stay together. Read more about the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

White Tailed Black Cockatoo

white tailed black cockatoo

The White Tailed Black Cockatoo is found in the southwest of Western Australia. The White Tailed or Carnaby's Black Cockatoo is on the endangered Australian birds species list. Read more about The White Tailed Black Cockatoo

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo

yellow tailed black cockatoo

The Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo is native to the southeast of Australia. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos are usually seen in pairs or in small flocks. Read more about the The Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo



The Emu is the largest native Australian bird. There was once a subspecies of Emu in Tasmania that became extinct after European settlement of Australia. Read more about the Emu

Helmeted Honeyeater


The Helmeted Honeyeater is a sub-species of the Yellow-tufted Honeyeater. The Helmeted Honeyeater is critically endangered and can only be found in Victoria. Read more about the Helmeted Honeyeater



The Laughing Kookaburra, like all Kookaburras, is from the Kingfisher family. The Laughing Kookaburra is found in eastern Australia where there are suitable trees. Read more about the Kookaburra

Rainbow Lorikeet

rainbow lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet is common along the east coast of Australia. Rainbow Lorikeets are a member of the parrot family. Read more about the Rainbow Lorikeet



The White-backed Magpie or (Piping Shrike) is one of the species of Magpie and are found in the south-east, centre and south-west of mainland Australia and in Tasmania. Read more about the Magpie

King Parrot

king parrot

The King Parrot is found along the coastal areas. King Parrots are usually found in small flocks or in pairs. Read more about the King Parrot

Australian Pelicans

australian birds-pelicans

Australian Pelicans are found throughout Australia. Pelicans breed in colonies that can number in the thousands. Read more about Australian Pelicans

Fairy Penguin

fairy penguin

The Fairy Penguin is only found in the Southern Hemisphere. Fairy Penguins are the smallest of all the penguins. Read more about the Fairy Penguin

Crimson Rosella

crimson rosella

The Crimson Rosella is found on the east coast of Australia. Crimson Rosellas are very sociable Australian birds and are normally found in small flocks. Read more about the Crimson Rosella

Eastern Rosella

eastern rosella

The Eastern Rosella is found in southeastern Australia and in eastern Tasmania. Eastern Rosellas mate for life. Read more about the Eastern Rosella

Western Rosella

western rosella

The Western Rosella is found only in the southwest of Western Australia. The Western Rosella is the smallest rosella. Read more about the Western Rosella

Black Swan

black swan

The Black Swan belongs to the same family as ducks and geese. Black Swans are found throughout Australia but breed mainly in the southeast and southwest regions. Read more about the Black Swan

Wedge-tailed Eagle

wedge tailed eagle

The Wedge-tailed Eagle is the most common large Eagle in the world. It has broad wings, fully feathered legs, and a wedge-shaped tail. Wedge-tails are found throughout Australia. Read more about the Wedge-tailed Eagle

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