Black Palm Cockatoo
Goliath Aratoo

The Black Palm Cockatoo is also known as the Palm Cockatoo and the Goliath Aratoo.

Black Palm Cockatoo

They are a large cockatoo measuring around 55 to 60 cetimetres in length and have a large crest with a red facial patch that changes colour when they are excited.

They have one of the largest bills of any parrot.

Although rarely seen in the wild if they are seen it is usually alone, in pairs or in small groups of five or six.

They feed mainly on seeds, nuts, berries and fruits.

They have been seen, at times, stomping their feet or beating sticks on hollow logs creating a loud noise.

Palm Cockatoo

Breeding time starts anywhere from August to January. One egg is laid which the female incubates for around 32 days.

Both parents care for the young.

They are monogamous and mate for life.

They can also live for a great length of time up to 50 years.

Black Palm Cockatoos are native to Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland Australia, New Guinea and some of the surrounding small islands.

They live in rainforests and woodlands.

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