Australian Bird Emblems
State & Territory Emblems

Most of our Australian Bird Emblems are "official" but two of them have never been formally proclaimed and are therefore considered "unofficial".

Although considered by the majority of Australians to be our National Bird, the Emu has never been officially proclaimed.

The White-backed Magpie or Piping Shrike is a symbol of South Australia appearing on the State Flag, State Badge and State Coat of Arms though it too has never been officially proclaimed.

The rest of our states, except Tasmania, and our two mainland territories all have "official" Bird Emblems.

The Emu is Australia's unofficial Bird Emblem even though it appears on our Coat of Arms and is so associated with Australia it has never been officially proclaimed as our Bird Emblem.

Australian Capital Territory

gang-gang cockatoo

The Gang-gang Cockatoo is the Australian Capital Territory Emblem...

The Gang-gang Cockatoo was proclaimed the Australian Capital Territory Bird Emblem in 1997.

New South Wales


The Laughing Kookaburra is the New South Wales Emblem...

The Laughing Kookaburra was proclaimed the New South Wales Bird Emblem in 1971.



The Brolga is the Queensland Emblem...

The Brolga was proclaimed the Queensland Bird Emblem in 1986.

Northern Territory

wedge tailed eagle

The Wedge-tailed Eagle is the Northern Territory Emblem...

The Wedge-tailed Eagle was proclaimed the Northern Territory Bird Emblem in 1978.

Western Australia

black swan

The Black Swan is the Western Australia Emblem...

The Black Swan was proclaimed the Western Australia Bird Emblem in 1973.

South Australia


The White-backed Magpie or (Piping Shrike) is the unofficial Emblem of South Australia...

The White-backed Magpie has never been officially proclaimed the South Australia Bird Emblem.



The Helmeted Honeyeater is the Victoria Emblem...

The Helmeted Honeyeater was proclaimed the Victoria Bird Emblem in 1971.

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