The Australia Travel Guide
For When You Travel To Australia

If you are planning to travel to Australia soon or even if you're just thinking about visiting us in the future you will want to know how to go about it and the steps to take.

There are many reasons to travel to Australia and you will find many of those reasons right here on our site.

We've put together this travel guide to help you with what you will need to make your trip a memorable and exciting adventure.

Remember the continent of Australia is in the southern hemisphere. So when you are planning to travel here from the northern hemisphere the seasons are the reverse of where you are. Also a point to remember here in Oz we check our temperature levels in Celsius not Fahrenheit

Check the Climate Page on our website as to our seasons and the months in which they occur and use the temperature chart for the conversion. This will help as to what to pack in that bag so when you arrive in our great land you will be set for adventure with all the right clothes and attire.

Some of the images used in this video are courtesy of Tourism NT

As to what you want to do and see when you arrive here, we are here to help.

We have taken the time to put together lots of exciting videos and information that will help you plan your perfect 'down under' adventure.

Check out our Things to do in Australia page for some exciting and different things to do while you're in Oz.

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If you are a nature lover the entire state of Tasmania awaits you, or maybe the pristine stark beauty of Kangaroo Island (just off the coast of South Australia) might be to your liking.

You can enjoy our unique animals which are not found anywhere else in the world. Check them out on our Australian Animals page

However if you are an adventurer come on down and see the red sand hills of the real outback or Uluru and the stunning change of colours as the sun shifts over its beauty. Or maybe you want to enjoy the Kimberley's with the rugged gorges, bottomless lakes and cascading waterfalls.

From Uluru in the great Australian outback, to the excitement of the Gold Coast and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef to the breathtaking views of our famous Sydney Harbour; the enjoyment that awaits you in Australia is never ending.


When planning to travel to Australia for a holiday as a tourist or on a working holiday there are some things you will need to know.

Remember Australia offers all kinds of holidays and different travel visas.

The first thing you'll need to consider is an Australian Travel Visa. Now don't be concerned because these days it's very simple.

There are a number of different visas available for people to come as simply a tourist or to work and earn money while travelling.

Australian Cartoon Koala Holding An Aussie Flag

We will be adding to this guide all the time so come back and have a look; get some travel tips and even a few hints on Australian Slang. We'll give you even more reasons to visit us and enjoy our famous Aussie hospitality.

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Check out our Driving In Australia page for tips, links and everything you need to know about driving downunder.

Maybe you'd prefer to sit back and relax in comfort while someone else does all the work. Australia Train Travel is a wonderful and memorable experience and lets you see the land downunder in real style and comfort.

Or you might be going on an Australian Outback Travel adventure; you can get real practical suggestions and advice to make your trip to the Aussie bush an unforgettable experience.

If you're going on a trip Backpacking Australia you can check out our page for more great tips and links to make your backpacking trip to Oz an exciting and memorable one.

While you're in Oz you will run across some Australian Slang wherever you go in some form or another; get a heads up about what to expect on our Aussie slang page.

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