Funny Stories From Our Lives

Throughout our lives we have heard many funny stories, been in many funny situations and known a lot of characters.

Our family has a kind of tradition of telling funny yarns. The whole family seems to have the ability to look at the funny side of almost any situation.

When we get together there is a kind of friendly rivalry to see who can have the others laughing the most. The winner (and I think the rest of the siblings would agree) is definitely our brother Mark, although we are all fairly good at telling a funny yarn, Mark has a gift for finding hilarity in any situation and the ability to place the punch of the story perfectly.

Our father was a great yarn teller, (the beginner of the family tradition) as kids we would all love to hear the old man telling yarns, we could sit and listen to his jokes and stories all day, he had hundreds.

The Australian sense of humour tends to be quite unique and most Aussies aren't particularly fazed by swearing, our father swore like a bullock driver (an Australian expression) as do a lot of bush characters, so some of our stories must be told in the way they happened which can include colourful language.

(We do not wish to offend anyone of a sensitive nature so please be aware that some of the funny true stories in this section contain swear words.)

Just click on the links below to go to the different funny short stories and we hope you get a laugh out of them

A couple of amusing pet stories about a mischevious poddy steer and an annoying crow and the habits they had that drove our Mother crazy.

Another hilarious pet story about our Dad our cat Tippy and our outback dunny, this cat story has had us all laughing our heads off for years

In this campfire yarn you'll read about the old drover and how he had his own way to take cattle to Tasmania.

This is a short story about one of the many bush characters we've met and his unfortunate encounter with a skyrocket.

Read this hilarious childhood tale about our Mother and her horror at what she encountered when she only wanted some boiled water.

Another family tale about our Mother and her attempt at making bread when she first moved to the Australian outback.

In this short and funny story read about Malcolm; another bush character who had a knack for making us laugh even if he didn't mean to.

These funny drunk yarns are more about Malcolm the bush character who had a unique name for himself.

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