The King Parrot
King Lory, Southern King Parrot
Or Australian King Parrot

The King Parrot is also known as the King Lory, Southern King Parrot or the Australian King Parrot.

Video by OzBirdz

King Parrot

They measure around 40 to 45 centimetres in length. The male is a stunning looking parrot with a bright red breast and head, a black tail and a dark green body. The females and juveniles have a green head and body with a red underbelly.

They are usually found in small flocks or in pairs, they feed mainly in trees but will also feed on fallen seeds on the ground.

The King Parrot

They eat fruits, seeds, berries and small insects.

Breeding time is September to January.

The female normally lays three to five eggs, which she incubates for around 20 days, and then both parents care for the young.

They are found along the coastal areas from north Queensland to southern Victoria.

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