Crimson Rosella
Red Lowry, Mountain Lowry
Or Pennant's Parakeet

The Crimson Rosella is a species of the Rosella Parrot and is also known as the Red Lowry, Mountain Lowry or Pennant's Parakeet.

Crimson Rosella

There are a number of species and sub-species of Rosellas in Australia, but they can be divided into two groups.

One has blue cheek patches and the other has white or light coloured cheek patches.

The Crimson Rosella has blue cheek patches and measures about 32 to 36 centimetres in length, with a crimson head and breast, the back is black edged with red, the tail and the flight feathers on the wings are blue.

They eat the seeds of eucalyptus trees, fruits, nuts, grasses and some blossoms, as well as insects.

They are social birds and are normally found in small flocks.

The Crimson Rosella

Breeding time is September to January.

The female lays four to eight eggs, which she sits on for around 20 days and then both parents care for the young.

They are found on the east coast of Australia from north Queensland to southeastern South Australia and Kangaroo Island in forests, parks and gardens.

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