Eastern Rosella
The White Cheeked Rosella
Or Rosella Parakeet

The Eastern Rosella is also known as the White Cheeked Rosella or Rosella Parakeet.

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Eastern Rosella

They measure about 30 centimetres in length and are very colorful, they have white cheek patches, a red head, neck, breast and undertail, the rest of the breast is yellow turning to green, the back and shoulders are black with yellow, the shoulders are blue and the tail is blue and green.

They eat seeds, fruits, nectar and insects, feeding mainly on the ground.

Eastern Rosella's mate for life.

The Eastern Rosella

Breeding time is September to January.

The female normally lays from three to nine eggs, which she sits on for around 20 days, the female looks after the young.

They are found in southeastern Australia, from Queensland to Victoria and southeastern South Australia. They are also found in eastern Tasmania.

They are found in woodlands, farmlands and bushland.

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