Western Rosella
The Stanley Rosella
Or Yellow Cheeked Parakeet

The Western Rosella is also known as the Stanley Rosella or Yellow Cheeked Rosella.

The Western Rosella

They are the only Rosella Parrot with yellow cheek patches.

They are the smallest Rosella measuring between 24 to 30 centimetres in length, the males are red from the head to the breast, while the females and juveniles are mottled red, with a white or yellow cheek patch and blue and green wings.

They eat the seeds of grasses and plants, fruits, flowers, insects. They feed mainly on the ground.

Western Rosella

Breeding time is September to January.

The female usually lays five to six eggs which she incubates for about 20 days, the female looks after the young.

The Western Rosella is found only in the southwest of Western Australia in timbered areas and eucalypt forests.

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