Inspirational Poem
Spiritual Dreams

This wonderful inspirational poem has, like so many of our Mother creative poetry writings, the ability to transform you to the places she is painting with her words and maybe some of that is part of your spiritual dreams.

I believe her spiritual learning and spiritual dreams were a lot of the reason our Mother was so talented and the reason she wrote so many of her inspirational poems for different loved ones and birthday poems for her friends too: over the years was to show her love and gratitude.

It was always obvious to me that our Mother wrote much of her wonderful poems and inspirational poetry because she was compelled too.

It doesn't matter if it is one of her many funny poems or one of the sad poems that can be quite painful but beautiful nonetheless and even bring you comfort. It could be one of the pieces of her love poetry or even poetry for kids.

She seemed to have a poem for so many situations.

Perhaps one of the best things is and always has been the way she engages the reader into her way of looking at the world.

our Mother had a way of creative writing that to this day still makes you feel like you are there; it has a way of touching your heart and soul and transporting you to that very place. I think that's a special talent.

Below is an inspirational poem written by our Mother, Stella P. Bell, one of the many beautiful, wonderous pieces of her creative writing.

Please enjoy

Inspirational Poem

Spiritual Dreams

I dream of mountains in the rain,

And a storm lashed, white capped sea'

I stand on a curving lonely beach'

And feels there's only me,

In a land that's filled with earth and sky,

When the day is almost done,

And the shadows grow and darken,

With setting of the sun.

I live in the hot, still desert,

On the sun scorched barren land,

I cry to the open torrid sky,

And the burning shifting sand,

I walk through cool dark forests,

And I hear a whispering breeze,

I feel the hush of sadness,

In the sighing of the trees.

I stand in the waving cornfields

And I shout to the sky above,

"Oh hear me Lord and listen

To all the things I love"

I follow a winding pathway,

To a softly murmuring stream,

As it wanders through the mountains,

A part of nature's dream.

I try to count the snowflakes,

As they fall on the land so white,

And I laugh as I watch the antics,

Of a hand held, flying kite,

I watch the clouds so milky white,

Sail a sky of azure blue,

I love the rainbow arching there

With colours of different hues.

I gaze into a dark night sky,

And the stars that twinkle there,

In my heart I hear them calling,

For me to come and share,

This place of so much gladness,

This place where there will be,

Millions of other people,

Stella P. Bell

Inspirational sunrise and clouds

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