'In The Beginning'
An Inspirational Earth Poem

This Earth Poem titled "In The Beginning" is a wonderful piece of inspirational poetry.

This is actually my favourite piece of Mothers poetry; I find it absolutley inspiring and even my sons, who aren't particularly into poetry, love this piece.

In The Beginning

Back past the time of the dreaming,
Nebula Begins Beyond where the world began
To the dawn of time when the spirits
Were part of a living plan,
On the edge of all eternity
Lived a million spirit souls,
They knew that their destiny waited
They knew for their thoughts were old.
Through the swirling mists in the paths of time
They would need to travel far
To the place where a glow was beginning to form
A bright, new, flaming star.
A Glowing Star The light reached out and touched them
Bringing knowledge of what would be,
And they writhed as they felt the agony,
And in pain they yearned to flee.

They knew of what was awaiting
And their screams were engulfed in the mists,
They knew of the horrors before them,
And these spirits did writhe and twist.
As the star formed in tongues of fire
Earth Cooling They were drawn with a mighty hand,
They wailed as they were enfolded
In the holocaust of this new land.

They knew and their souls were crying
For the future before them was clear,
They knew of the terror filled moments
That all, on this world would fear.
Their destiny showed in their pathway,
Birth Of The Earth Their hearts were heavy and cold,
They knew in the life they were facing
They would need to be strong and bold.

Their thoughts were torn and shattered
As they whirled in the mists of birth
They spun on the edge of oblivion
Until, finally, came the earth.
Their knowledge was hidden in shadows
As they stood and surveyed this land,
They understood that its shaping
The Earth Was left alone in their hands.
Forgotten and buried behind them,
In the vastness of time that had gone
Was the memory of all their revulsion
All they knew was the need to go on.
They must build for themselves and their children
A place that would shelter and give,
To the spirits that had been before them,
A land in which man could live.

Stella P. Bell

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