Prejudice Poem

This prejudice poem is another piece of our Mothers wonderful Australian poetry; it's about accepting people for who they are and not the colour of their skin.


The Lord said we are all the same,
And this, I know, is true,
It's not the colour of our skins,
That makes up me and you.

So many times I've seen the hurt,
That comes from thoughtless deeds,
What's happened to this world of ours,
Why can't we all take heed.

Even though my skin is white,
And I speak in the English tongue,
Our feelings are the very same,
We hurt like everyone.

Beneath your dark exterior,
Your heart beats just like mine,
I'd like to say I realise this,
And others will too, in time.

Why can't you travel freely,
The way most people do,
I think you are entitled,
To do as others do.

I've seen the way you're treated,
And I feel so much for you,
You haven't had a real good chance,
To show what you can do.

How can you be so much ignored,
As if you have no worth,
You know it shouldn't be like this,
In the country of your birth.

And if this is not your home land,
But you hope some day it may,
Why can't you find respect and trust,
To help you along the way.

Why is there so much prejudice,
Because your skin is not the same,
Why can't we just hold out our hands,
And call you by your name.

Stella P. Bell

No Prejudice

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