Official Australian Colours
Green & Gold

The Official Australian Colours are green and gold. These were formally established in a proclamation dated the 19th of April 1984.

Before this Australia had no official colours and different colour combinations competed; red, white and blue; blue and gold; and green and gold.

But it was the green and the gold of the Australian landscape and of many species of wattle that won.

The colours are also represented on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms by the wattle which is an ornamental accessory to the shield.

The colours are used by Australians when representing their county in international sporting events.

The first team to wear the official colours was the Australian cricket team that toured England in 1899, they wore green and gold caps and blazers along with their traditional whites.

Spectators often use and wear the official colours and they cheer their team waving the green and gold Boxing Kangaroo Flags.

In Australia, the green triangle and gold kangaroo of the Australian Made Logo is the most recognised symbol on shop shelves.

Australian Colours of Green and Gold

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