'Man Of This Land'
An Australian Poem

This wonderful Australian Poem titled "Man of this Land" was written by Stella P. Bell when she lived in the Australian outback.

Our mother had a great admiration for Indigenous Australians and wrote quite a lot of poetry about the Australian Aboriginal people.

I believe poems like this one speak of that great admiration and love.

This is just one of her poems dedicated to the Aboriginal people of Australia.

She also wrote many poems on the outback of Australia which we will be putting up as time goes on.

There are many great Australian poems and we believe that this is one of them, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Man of This Land

Aboriginal Illustration Aboriginal Illustration

A Silhouette, stark, against a red evening sky,
Motionless, standing with chin thrusting high,
He looks so majestic, alone there he stands,
Not a blink of an eye, or a move of his hands.

The sun it is sinking, the wind turning cold,
He stands there surveying this land that is old,
In one hand he's clutching a spear, long and slim,
The other is holding a shield close to him.

Indigenous Australian Illustration Indigenous Australian Illustration

He listens and hears all the sounds of the night,
He knows of the dingo and what bird is in flight,
He hears the sea pounding on the cold empty shore,
And suddenly, silently, he is there no more.

As soft as a shadow, as swift as a bird,
He's moving away, and will not be heard
By the creatures that scurry along on the ground,
He'll pass them by silently, never a sound.

Australian Aboriginal Illustration Australian Aboriginal Illustration

Onward he'll go 'til the moon's riding high,
He'll make not a sound, nor utter a cry,
And then when the moonlight turns night into day,
He'll leave not a sign that he passed on this way.

As the morning sun rises the desert is bare,
Not a stone or a stick shows that he has been there,
In this land that he knows, this land that now is
So silent and empty, this land that is his.

Stella P. Bell

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