The Tree Kangaroo

The Tree Kangaroo is one of the most unusual Australian animals.

Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo

There are around 10 species most of which are found in New Guinea. Two species are found in Australia, the Lumholtz'z and the Bennett's.

The ancestors of all Kangaroos are believed to have been small tree dwelling (arboreal) marsupials that descended down out of the trees to the ground, then at some stage their ancestors went back into the trees.

They are marsupials and have a pouch and are closely related to both the Wallaby and the larger Roos.

They vary in size, depending on the species, but most (males) are around 11 kilograms. The Lumholtz's is quite a bit smaller than this at around 7 kilograms.

The Lumholtz is the smallest of the all the species and about half the size of the Bennett's.

Bennett's Tree Kangaroo

They have very long tails for balance, and strong forelimbs for climbing. Their feet are shorter and wider than their land cousins, they also have longer claws on all their feet, and rubbery soles for better a grip.

They are herbivorous, feeding mostly on leaves and fruit.

They tend to be slow and clumsy on the ground, where they move at about walking pace and hop awkwardly.

In the trees they are very agile and great at jumping. They can jump from tree to tree with ease and are excellent climbers too.

Tree Kangaroo

Bennett's Tree Kangaroos are found in lowland and mountain tropical rain forests south of Cooktown Queensland to just north of the Daintree River.

Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroos are found in rain forests of the Atherton Tableland area of Queensland.

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