Western Australia
The State Of Wide Open Spaces And Home To The Vibrant City Of Perth

Western Australia is an absolutely stunning place and extremely BIG. I lived in Perth for about 2 years back in the late 1970's, when I was a teenager, and I had a great time. Back in those days I really had the urge to see as much of Australia as I could and so I did a lot of travelling.

I didn't have much when I first travelled to WA so a lot of it was just catching lifts when I could but I got to see a lot of places. We drove across the Nullabor Plains and that was definitely an unforgettable experience..... something to remember.

I did the trip with a girlfriend and a couple of Kiwi (New Zealand) boys we'd met along the way, we stopped off at Kalgoorlie; now that is a place I just loved, it was certainly a wild town back then and probably still is today but it was really good fun, as long as you kept your wits about you!

I saw quite a bit of the state back then but unfortunately I never got right up the top, I got as far up as Carnarvon and I got right down the bottom of the state to Albany and Esperance which was beautiful, very picturesque.

All the information and facts you need on the state are in our video, little extras are on the page.

Western Australia

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Abbreviated as WA

The Capital of WA is Perth.

WA is the only one of the Australian states or territories that was not a part of the colony of New South Wales at some point.

WA was first settled in 1826 with a British settlement at King George Sound (now Albany).The settlement was established because of concerns about a French colony being started on the WA coast.

The Swan River Colony was established in 1829. By 1832, the population of the colony had reached around 1,500. The two townsites of the colony became the city of Fremantle and the capital city of Perth.

WA is the 4th most populated of the Australian states with about 2,105,800 people living there, half of these live in the Perth metropolitan area.

WA has quite a few regional Cities with populations over 25,000 these include Bunbury, Kalgoorlie and Albany.

WA's economy has benefited recently from foreign demand for resources, especially from China.

WA is a leading alumina extractor, it is the world's third-largest iron ore producer, it also extracts up to 75% of Australia's gold and at the Argyle diamond mine in the north west of the state diamonds are extracted.

Perth is the Capital of WA and the 4th largest city in Australia, it is situated along the estuary of the Swan River, about 19 kilometres above the river's mouth.

From the rugged ancient landforms and deep red gorges of the north west, the wide open spaces of the outback, the white sandy beaches and warm waters of the ocean in the far north, the stunning forests of tall trees and wineries of the south west to the beautiful Swan River and Perth, WA is the state of amazing scenery, unspoilt beaches and big blue skies.

Click on the link if you want to check out the Western Australia Climate

They play Aussie Rules Football in WA and they're pretty darn good at it too.

A person from WA is called a Western Australian.

The colloquial term for a Western Australian is a sandgroper. Sandgropers are subterranean insects but I think the term for the people comes from the fact that WA is full of big beautiful beaches and when you walk on the soft sand you grip it with your toes; so that makes them sandgropers.

The State Flag for WA was adopted in 1953. It shows the Union Jack and the WA State badge.

Queen Elizabeth II granted the present Coat of Arms of WA in 1969.

WA has no motto.

Slogan for WA: The Real Thing, Golden State or State of Excitement

Floral Emblem of WA: Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

Animal Emblem of WA: Numbat

Bird Emblem of WA: Black Swan

Western Australia State Flag

Western Australia Coat of Arms

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