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Latest Pages And Updates

http://www.australian-information-stories.com Mobile Sandbox

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As The Crow Flies - A Poem

As the crow flies is a well-know expression meaning the shortest distance between two points and it's also an Australian poem written by Stella P. Bell

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Old Jack - An Australian Bush Poem

A poem about a crusty outback dogger called Old Jack - doggers were blokes that hunted dingoes and collected a bounty for every scalp.

Continue reading "Old Jack - An Australian Bush Poem"

Australian Bush Poetry - Songs Of The Outback

Some wonderful Australian bush poetry written by Stella P. Bell when she lived in the outback of Australia

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The Abandoned Shearing Shed Poem

The Abandoned Shearing Shed is a sight you see quite often now in the outback of Australia and our Mother Stella P. Bell wrote a wonderful poem about it.

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A Cobb And Co Poem

There have been a number of poems written about Cobb and Co over the years probably because they were such an important part of life in outback Australia before the automobile came along; this is one by our Mother Stella P. Bell.

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A Poem About Droving Cattle

Cattle droving was a big part of outback life for many years but the road trains eventually took over - Our Mother Stella P. Bell wrote this great poem about the drovers.

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